Lumos Technology

UV Curing Advantages

  • Increased productivity (“instant” curing, fast-line speed, reduced dust and dirt contamination of wet coating, immediate processing and handling of finished product.
  • Low to zero volatile organic content (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP).
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Reduced fire and explosion hazard.
  • Lower capital investment, operating and maintenance costs than conventional ovens (smaller footprint, easy to install or retrofit in existing space, no need to heat and move large volumes of air).
  • Lower operating costs and maintenance.
  • Special appearance and performance features (wide formulating latitude, high gloss, toughness, high cross-link density, (improved chemical/abrasion resistance).
  • Unexposed liquid coating does not dry or cure in air (viscosity stability, clean-up is easier and requires less solvent, excess coating can be recycled for high-transfer efficiency).

UV LED Advantages

  • Between 5 and 10 times longer lifetime than convention discharge or fluorescent UV sources, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • 10,000-15,000 plus operating hours as normal, equating to 2-5 years operating lifetime depending on duty cycle.
  • Digital Control of Light Sources and more robust platform enable process control improvement at the product level.
  • Immediate light output with no warm-up time, and no reduction in lifetime with on/ off cycles.
  • Up to 10 fold reduction in heat emitted by the lamps, in most cases eliminating the requirement for costly forced air / exhaust cooling systems.
  • No UVC wavelength emission, which generate Ozone and must be managed or filtered.
  • Elimination of mercury contamination risk in case of lamp breakage or disposal.
  • Up to 10fold reduction in total electricity consumption.
  • Low heat generation reduces damage potential to processing material.
  • Bulb Replacement cycles increased from 1 month to 1 year or more.
  • LED platform offers modular, compact and scalable design for ease of integration.