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GU10 B22DProviders of General Lighting for domestic household users and offices and Industrial Lighting which includes our CoolUV LinearCoolUV Products.

Cool UV, our platform of UV LED products, deliver single frequency UVA in a low voltage, compact and modular package.

Replacing lamps with our customized UV LED arrays will increase process robustness, flexibility and safety. Our products provide solutions to many of the problems associated with today’s UV lamp sources. (Short Lifetimes, Heat issues, Cooling Issues, High Energy Consumptions, H&S issues and disposal of toxic Mercury.

Working directly with our customers we provide a flexible combination of standard and custom products, to provide a complete UV solution to optimize process times and reduce operating costs.

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Due to high electricity consumption, low efficiency and ecen with mercury material, traditional indoor lighting is going to be replaced by environmental-friendly high power LED lighting. The products we offer range from decorative halogen bulbs, recessed light to commercial, to T8 Tubes for office use. Currently the products we sell have already obtained several international safety certifications, such as UL, CUL, ETL,  TUV, CE and FCC. Here at Lumos Solutions we can provide you with the most energy-saving and safe LED lighting products from ALTLED.